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Cooling Water

At ISC, we understand how critical managing your cooling water is, and how important it is to maintain heat transfer, maximize production, minimize health risks, and prolong equipment life. So no matter what your cooling water challenge is, ISC can help.

Our expertise in cooling water treatment and compliance ranges across a wide variety of industries and applications to provide you with an integrated solution customized to your facilities, processes, and equipment.

ISC provides customized corrosion inhibitors, antiscalants, cleaners, antifoulants, biocides, dispersants, and defoamers to help minimize the risk of equipment failure, maximize your heat transfer rate, improve your system efficiency, and extend the life of your capital equipment.

Our customized solutions will: 

  • Maximize water quality and water flow
  • Maximize water recycle and reuse
  • Maximize heat transfer
  • Minimize water use, intake, and discharge
  • Minimize chemical costs, dosages, and energy use
  • Protect against biofouling such as algae, bacteria, fungi, and slime
  • Protect against health risks such as Legionella
  • Prolong equipment life and protect against unscheduled service disruptions or system failures

Regardless of the type, difficulty, or urgency of your cooling water issue, ISC can solve it economically. We welcome the opportunity to help you optimize your cooling water management, stay in compliance, and improve your bottom line.

Start your cooling water solutions today.