Kiefer Background

Food Manufacturer

ISC Saves Food Manufacturer $432,000 Over Six Months

The Challenge

A major food manufacturer approached ISC with the challenge of improving profitability and future growth capacity by:

  • Reducing operational chemical costs
  • Decreasing generated waste solids
  • Improving effluent water characteristics

ISC’s Integrated Solution

ISC’s process consultancy included a thorough review of:

  • The existing protocol and operating procedures
  • Incoming waste stream test results
  • Records of equipment inspections and maintenance
  • The water treatment chemical program performance
  • Test results of the effluent water characteristics

ISC analyzed the operations and the data, then implemented an automated system, equipment, and procedures to:

  • Adjust the chemistry dosages more accurately based on system performance
  • Create and apply a more consistent dilution of the chemistry
  • Deliver the chemistry more economically
  • Reduce human error
  • Reduce costs


Over a six month period: 

  • Solid waste costs savings: $237,000
  • Chemistry cost savings: $148,000
  • Compliance savings: $47,000
  • Total savings:  $432,000
  • Reduction in waste stream generated solids: 57%

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