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Water Education for Executives

Did you know that including water management in your corporate strategy can help you gain a competitive advantage by operating more efficiently and profitably?

Water supply and water quality are crucial to every business’s success. Yet unlike energy management, on-site water management has not been a strategic or hands-on priority for most businesses in the United States.

Why has water management received so little thought and attention? Centralized water management utilities have addressed business needs with an ample, inexpensive supply of water. And the implementation of new, more efficient technologies may pose risks for some businesses in the face of government regulation and liability.

In major U.S. cities, however, freshwater supplies are diminishing and/or businesses face a severely overtaxed wastewater infrastructure. These factors are forcing some businesses to regard water as a risk factor.

Forward thinking companies are redesigning their operations for “water resilience” and are already seeing business benefits. But becoming water resilient is not sufficient to ensure protection in the face of systemic or event-linked water supply challenges.

To remain highly competitive, leading-edge businesses must proactively craft new on-site water management strategies. Implementing efficient, sustainable water management practices will not only reduce costs and conserve natural resources, but will also provide a considerable competitive advantage.

Businesses that develop, implement, and optimize effective water management strategies will have a significant advantage over their less visionary competitors.

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Source: Water 101: A Primer for Corporate Executives
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